Very Important Bouncers Terms and Conditions.

  • 15% off full price bookings when made to the party address*
  • Exclusive first look when new products have been launched
  • Exclusively first to be able to book new products
  • Monthly offer package deal access
  • Loyalty programme

Pricing Options are discretionary and confirmed by Castle Capers Limited for each event and client.
If we find for any reason, including misinformation, there needs to be a change to the annual membership we hold the right to automatically adjust the annual membership along with a notification email on why the changes have been made.
The V.I.B. discount does not include the price of delivery.

  • Pricing:
    Single house-hold, event destination can vary – £100 per year
  • Corporate, only accessible for cooperate events under a corporate name  with more than 30 people present at the event – £500 per year
  • PTA – £50 pp, minimum 10 subscribers

15% off can only be redeemed on hire of products which are at full price. Any offers running will not be considered for the discount.

First to know when new products have been launched. We are always adding to our inventory and you as V.I.B members will get an exclusive first look when it comes to hiring our new products.

Exclusively first to be able to book new products. You will be able to book 2 weeks ahead of anyone not in the V.I.B gang.

Monthly offer package deal access. We’ll randomly be putting together monthly package deals which you can enjoy and an awesome offer. Only V.I.B members will benefit from this.

Loyalty programme. We’ll be monitoring how often you book with us and occasionally we’ll drop in a freebie when we deliver to you.

All T&C’s apply as standard when hiring from or using a service with Castle Capers Limited as described in our Terms and Conditions.